Importance of Clothing in Our Daily life

Clothes are the most important factor in our routine life style. In this age and day person appearance, dressing and clothing does matter a lot. Dressing sense of very individaul is the reflection of his or her personality. The dressing behaviour of everyone depends upon the different tastes and cultures. This differ from generation to generation. Previously clothes are known for the act of protecting the body from the climate conditions. it has now changed into a articulation of who we are and how will we represent ourself in front of others. It is often said that First Impression Last Forever, we can judge the people based on what they wear even before hearing something from their mouth.

Clothes are the basic need of every human being. Right from the stone age, Humankind used leaves, grass and animal skins to cover their body. Gradually with the advancement of civilisation, people learnt the art of weaving. Till now there is huge development in the art of clothing. People pay more attention to details which are allergy free and respond to the most extreme weather conditions like polar temperature. Lets learn more about the attires:


1) Clothing Construction
Initially the basic forms of clothing construction can be categorized into four parts:

a) Draped Garments: These types of clothes were simply the length of fabric which were wrapped or tied about the body, no stitching was done over it. The Indian sarees, Roman toga and Indonesion sarong all these are the type of draped garments.

b) Semifitted Garments: They are the assembled from basic shapes like rectangles and seamed. These dresses were not according to the human particular shapes they are basically used belts to give shapes to body. Prehistory, these garments were used to cover the one’s body structure from cold temperature. The kimono is also a example of semifitted style.

c) Tailored To Fit: In early 14th century the garments of tailored fit were introduced in Europe. This type of dresses were used by armour to protect their body.

d) Tailored To Exaggerate: These types of apparels were introduced in 15th and 16th century. Padding features were used to cover the body silhouette. These clothes have all been used in this century to accentuate body features deemed beautiful according to current fashion

b) Functions Of Clothing:

1) Provide Physical Protection:

As we all know that the main purpose of apparel is to protect our body from all calamities like sunlight, cold, heat and storm. In today’s world we have different clothes for different seasons. For example we have woollen clothes for winter season, rain coat for rainy days, fire proof apparel for protection from fire and some cotton stuff for summer.

2) Attires To Add Beauty:

Physical apparence is an important feature of everbody’s personality. The well dressing sense of clothes can highlight the captivating features of body and hide the unattractive parts as well. Proper use of clothes enhances the beauty of everyone. An ordinary person can add his beauty by attentive selection of clothes keeping in mind the color, size and hight and many more. Thus attires beautify the physical appearance of humankind.

3) Social Development:

We already know that human is a social animal they want to live in this society and want to interact with people around the world. So that they pay more attention to their clothes. The properly dressed person attract people toward him and wins the hearts of many. Decent and proper dress up is first need to develop the social development.

4) Mental Development:

Clothings have a deep influence on the human behaviour. A person who is not dressing well according to the prevelent fashion trend become the part of laughter. If you wear proper clothes then your self confidence will increase automatically. It enhance your personality infact attires makes you man.

5) Identification Of Person:

Clothes gives unique look to everyone for instance uniform give identity to the students similarily white coat represents the doctors and black coats give identity to the lawyers. So one can easily give himselves different or isolated look.

Dresses can also divided into casual wear, formal wear, comfort wear and traditional wear. This represents our sense relating to the situation means we wear formal clothes for office purpose and sarees and salwar kameez for traditional purpose and trouser for comfort. We can define the clothes based on the Men, Women and Kids wears. Have a look!

a) Women’s Wear: If we make comparision then it is crystal clear that women are more crazy after the fashion than the men. There is huge collection of ladies apparel. Every girl wants to look graceful and gorgeous in every event or occasion. For this purpose they dress up in proper sense. These dresses can also be classified in two types traditional and wester wear. Traditional wear includes Sarees the most conventional dress which is commonly drapped over the body. Salwar Suits, it consist of three parts salwar, kameez and dupatta. This attire can be worn on any occasion. It is available in hand embroidery, machine embroidery or in print format as well. Lehenga choli, come in bridal as well as ceremonial purpose. Churidar suits, Anarkali dress, Punjabi Salwar Suits, Kurtis are the some forms of traditional wear. If we talk about the western wear then women also have vast collection of western apparels like jeans, jeggings, tops and gowns are the some types of the western wear.

b) Men’s apparel: It includes formal and casual wear like pant shirts: checked or plained shirts, t-shirts, traditional wear for instance kurta pajama, sherwani and many more. Lowers and trouser comes under the category of Comfort wear.

c) Kid’s Dresses: We can also see the best collection in kids category. For instance frocks, uniforms, pant shirts, kurtis and many more.

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