Mirzya (2016)

Mirzya (7 October 2016):
It is a romantic and drama movie directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and produced by Cinestaan Film Company and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures. The story is penned by Gulzar and Rakeysh. They have Harshvardhan Kapoor, Om puri, K.K. Raina, Art Malik amd Saiyami Kher as their cast members. The cinematography is brilliantly handled by Pawel Dyllus. After getting two tracks from Rang de basanti (2006) and Delhi 6 (2009), Rakeysh now shifted to the Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy to composed the music for this movie too.

Story Information:
The story of Mirzya has been adapt from the most romantic tragedies from Punjab and it also follows the epic story of Mirza Sahiba. They both get together in very interesting manner, they grew up together do their study at same roof and when they step into the adolesence they falls in love with each other. Sahiba becomes very beautiful and gracious as she start growing. Mirza also perfects himself in his skills of archery. They goes more and more deep into their romantic and affectionate world. But a pause arise when Mirza-Sahiba love affair is revealed in front of Sahiba’s parents and they throw the Mirza from his place. After getting the news of her marriage mirza comes back and they both run away from that city to the desert of Rajasthan. Gulzar presenting the modern days of the legend mirza sahiba love.Get more info @ RDXHD

Star Cast:
Rakeysh is going to direct the film with 4 new faces. He took Harshvardhan, Saiyami as the main lead role along with Om puri, K.K.Raina in the supporting role in it. We can see the Anjali as the newcomer and Anuj Choudhary as the pivotal role. Hence all these four stars are going to make their debut in this south indian movie.

Trailer Review Of Mirzya:

The official trailer of this movie is released on 16 Dec 2015 annoucing this epic story based movie with leading artist have collaborated with the director Rakeysh in his previous films. With the stunning logo teaser it bring forth the lead character who is famous for archery. We can see a man with arrow and bow has been introduced with half hidden face and attire or an worrior. Here in blurred frame a young women can be seen draped in a red cloth who walks across the river side and bring forth the necessity of hiding the enchanting and marvellous beauty of sahiba. We can also listent he voice of Daler Mehndi singing the lines of soundtrack from the movie. Besides this, the eye catching and fantastic location of Mahals from Rajasthan steal our heart very smoothly. We have two faces from the well known bollywood actions like Harshvardhan the son of great actor Anil Kapoor and Tanvi Azmi niece Saiyami Kher in leading roles. This intense love story giving us the glimpses of bike chasing, horse riding along with thrown out action scenes.

Poster And First Look:

Mirzya official poster is out and having the name that featuring a blue point arrow in it. It also show the released date of picture which 7 october. In poster we can see a couple with opened arms on a motor cycle ready for their new life journey.

Mirzya Movie Songs:
This movie soundtracks are probably the most accomplished music album in Bollywood who does not only provide brilliant sounds but has stunning lyrical richness as well. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composed the music for this epic movie. Some scenes are taken from hollywood movies in hindi. The album start with the title track which show the love same energy is shown in Teen Gawah Hai Ishq ke which is really a tough composition. Chakora have some party beats having modern rythms. Ek Nadi Thi is another great composition of Trio. The Kaaga is a track which is sad in itself. Here is the list of tracks:

Mirzya Title Track (Daler Mehndi, Akhtar Chinnal, Nooran Sisters and Sain Zahoor):
Gulzar gives th best lyrics for this sound track. This recalled the star crossed love between both of them. The album opens with Mehndi reciting a couplet. This song showing the vocal calisthenics of folk pakistani sings. Rhythmic use of Pungi and Flute gives special touch to it.

Teen Gawah (Siddharth Mahadevan and Sain Zahoor):
This beautiful track is crooned by Siddharth and Sain which shows the three witnesses to their love, God, he and her thus he becomes the hookline of this breezy song. It is ear-soothing song with epoc scale of Mirza Sahiban lore.

Chakora (Mame Khan, Akhtar Chinnal and Shuchismita Das):
Gulzar and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy go for this love track. Which is beautifully sung by Mame, Shuchismita and Akhtar. This track represents the Indian folklore. It is complete celebration of love.

Aave Re Hitchki (Shankar Mahadevan and Mame Khan):
It is the painful track of Mirzya which means hiccup is coming. This is light and string heavy song. All do full justice to the lyrics which represents the sleepless lovers story.

Hota Hai (Nooran Sisters, Daler Mehndi, Akhtar Chinnal and Sain Zahoor):
This is bold song with fast paced that grab you surely. It shows the torment of intense love. Nooran Sisters, Akhtar Chinnal, Daler Mehndi and Sainn Zahoor sing this track in an amazing way.

Doli Re Doli (Shankar Mahadevan and Mame Khan):
Mame sing this song with more than a minute capella in high pitched at starting after that it become a soft, jazz track after the introduction of Mahadevan voice. With piano, trumpet, melodica it become a folksy composition.

Kaaga (Kaushiki Chakraborty):
This short song is sung by Kaushiki in her trained vocal prowess.In this track a woman asking kaaga, the crow to send her the news of her lover.

Mirzya Theme – Broken Arrows (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy):
This sad and passionate song is composed very well with the use of sindhi sarangi.

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