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Music itself is a special word that has it own complete meaning. It is best and precious creation of human being, which rejuvenate ourselves and touch our soul. Due to its high impact on people, it is capable of breaking the boundaries to unit people from different heritage and backgrounds. This is the pleasant sound which gives ear-soothing effects. Music also have healing power, it can relax our tense muscles of body. If you want to show or express your feelings in the front of someone special then you can take the helping hand of music because it is a source for everyone to tell their mood and feelings.


There are a huge range of musical instruments, all are played with different methods and give pleasant sounds. Each instrument has unique power and sound that mesmerize not only people infact animals too. With the advancement in technology many new instruments have coming up each day with perfect sound. Basically five types of instruments are found around the world these are as following:

1) Aerophones
2) Idiophones
3) Membranophones
4) Chordophones
5) Electronic Instruments

1) Aerophones: These are the instruments that generate music through vibration of air. Types of Aerophones are as followings:

a) Recorders: It is the woodwind instrument.It is one of the duct flute which is popular in western classical tradtion. It has thumb hole for the upper hand and seven finger holes. These are available in different sizes which produce different vocal ranges. Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass are the types of recorders.

b) Panpipes: It is also called syrinx or pan flutes. It is wind instrument having the cane pipes or flutes of different length, they are tied together in the form of bundle by wax or cord. Each pipe providing a different note.

c) Clarinets: It is the younger woodwind instrument. It has single reed. They are bigger than a recorder. It is made of generally with black grenadilla wood, silver plated keys and having cylinderical bore.

d) Saxophones: It is also the part of woodwind musical instrument. Made of brass and its single reed mouthpiece. Which is similar to the clarinet. Basically used in classical music. The players are known as saxophonists.

e) Oboes: It is double reed woodwind instrument. Its played in soprano or treble rangle commonly. In this instrument sound is produced by blowing into the reed.

f) Bassoons: Its double reed in the form and plays music written in the bass.

g) Bagpipes: It is the aerophone instrument having enclosed reeds. In this form air is reservoir in the bag. It gives melody sounds everytime.

h) Trumpets: This one is the popular instrument used in classical and jazz ensembles. In ancient time it was used as signaling device for battle and haunting.

i) Mouth organs: It is another aerophone device. It is free reed in form. It can be commonly found around the world.

j) Whistle Flutes: It is reedless instrument comes under the woodwind group. The sound is produced by blowing the air across an opening. Commonly find in India.

Moreover Tubas, Cornets, Bugles, Organs, Concertinas, Trombones, End-Blown, Side-Blown, Horns are the types of aerophones.

2) Idiophones: These are the instruments which are made of material and create natural sounds. Following are the types of idiophones:

a) Tapping Feet: It is one type of instrument where sound is produced with tapping feet. It is common and easily feel in our daily life.

b) Clapping Hands: Since our childhood we feel this sound and it is the common type of instrument. Joining of our two hands give perfect sound.

c) Stamping Sticks: You can also hear this type of sound by stamping the sticks.

d) Steel Drums: These are also known as steelpan. Musician of this instrument is called pannists. This is invented in Trinidad and Tobago.

e) Slit Drums: Its not a drum but a idiophone carved from bamboo or wood. These have number of slits in this instrument.

f) Xylophones: In this type the wooden bars is usually struck by mallets. It gives melodic voice ranges.

Besides all above Gongs, Bells, Cymbals, Castanets are the some types of idiophones.

3) Membranophones: They produce sound by the vibration of membrane or skin. Types of this kind of instrument is as following:

a) Drums: In this kind of instrument one membrane is used which is stretched over the a shell and its called drumhead or skin. The melody sound in this kind is created by using of sticks known as drum stick or by player’s hands.

b) Mirliton: It is device where sound is produced by waves or instrument vibrance of skin.

c) Kazoo: It is kind of mirliton where skin or membrane is set on the wall of short tube.

4) Chordophones: In this kind of instrument sound is generated with the vibration of strings. Following are the types of chordophones:

a) Pianos: It is musical device that produce sounds by pressing the set of keys on keyboard. In this instrument one can use his both hands. It is widely used in classical, traditional and jazz ensemble.

b) Guitars: It is the string device having 4 to 18 strings. The melody sound in this instrument is generated by plucking or strumming the strings with right hand.

c) Banjos: In this device the membrane is stretched over the frame and it has four to five strings. It is a folk instrument.

d) Violins: It is a wooden instrument. It is available in smallest and highest pitched. It usually has four strings.

e) Harps: It is kind of device where number of strings running at an angle to its soundboard. The sound in this type of instrument is generated by plucking with the fingers.

f) Violas: Its another type of string instrument. Its slighter larger than the violin and having deeper sound than the violin.

Some other types are Lyres, Ukeless, Cellos, Kits, Zithers, Dulcimers, Clavichords, Harpsichords are also the chordophones.

5) Electronic Instruments: In these types of musical instruments sound is produced by amplified or electricity. Types of electronic instruments are as below:

a) Electric Guitar: It is same like the guitar having strings and generate sounds by plucks and finger picks but it used electrical impulses which is plus point in the guitars.

b) Electric Pianos: It is another electronic musical instrument that produce sound by pressing the keys on piano.

c) Music Boxes: It is automatic musical instrument that generate sounds by use of a set of pins.

Other electronic devices are Electric Organs, Electric Basses, Drum Machines, Carillons and Theremins

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